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125 Anniversary Message 125 Anniversary Message The men felt mapmakers and meteorologists, a one armed civil war hero and a naturalist with a fondness Tiffany Rings for roasting skunk.They had climbed america's highest reams, noted out its coastlines, recognized its plants and animals, and traced the road of its storms.To any individual, a common adventure was"The next, but for that certain night on january 13, 1888, these disturbed men stood still.Towards the end of it, they had voted to create a corporation like no other and gave it a name:The nation's geographic society. As the outdoorsmen departed, they could not have imagined that from that meeting would come some of earth's greatest discoveries of the next 125 years.Hiram bingham's 1912 investigation of the"Lost capital of scotland-The inca"Medically referred to machu picchu, the first flight throughout the south pole by richard byrd in 1929, jane goodall's recent study of wild chimpanzees beginning in 1960, louis and mary leakey's decades long search for fossils in africa that unlocked expertise in our past, and robert ballard's 1985 quest for the titanic are just some of the more than 10, 000 expeditions held up by the society so far. But what is left to educate yourself regarding?In an era when physicists have located the what are known as"Lord particle, experts have put a 3, 000 yr old mummy under a ct scanner to find its cause of death, and nasa's cassini spacecraft has sent the lot more 300, 000 beautifully images of saturn and its moons back to earth, it's tempting to think that every thing has been discovered.But we see daily evidence that puts this rrssue to rest.However, the pace and urgency of exploration are quickly moving, revealing vital new knowledge which has been unimaginable until now. Twenty first century technologies also are bringing people into the exploration tent.Four years ago we dispatched a team to a remote stretch of mongolia to lead a noninvasive find the lost tomb of genghis khan in a culturally sensitive area.The c's deployed radar, 3 d image resolution, and other next generation development to search thousands of miles of open space for ancient ruins, uploaded the photographs to the web, and invited people to tag spots that looked promising.Our team on the ground then used technology to research the most promising sites without ever lifting a shovel.They discovered what is quite possible a temple built by genghis khan's descendants, with tantalizing chances for what lies inside. The actual, legions of latter day explorers eventually find answers to our most tantalizing challenges.From scientists mapping the human genome to improve health-Related;To researchers using single atom thick sheets of carbon to more effectively see results about jewelry convert salt water to drinking water;To agronomists adding micro nutrients to staple crops upskill food security, this new age of exploration reaches from the tiniest atom to the highest mountain.The more we learn about the planet, and its twin challenges of a growing human inhabitants and limited resources, the more we'll be able to prescribe a sustainable path for people. The first chief executive of national geographic, gardiner greene hubbard, was neither a geographer nor a researchers.In his first address, he struck a note that is constantly on the guide us. "By my spolitical election, he explained,"You notify the public that the membership of our society will not be confined to professional geographers but should include(All these).Who would like to promote special researches by others.So that we may all know more around the globe upon which we live, from classroom scientists and backyard adventurers with a camera to career storytellers who still put boots in a tree, many of us are explorers.Infinite horizons of expectation lie ahead.



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